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SATs  2013


We are delighted to inform you of our fantastic end of Key Stage results for Year 2 and Year 6.


The age related level of expectation for children in Year 2 is Level 2


The age related level of expectation for children in Year 6 is Level 4


Y2 (End of Key  Stage 1) L=Level


Reading    96% L2C and above   29% L3


Writing      95% L2C and above   22% L3


Maths       100% L2C and above  25% L3


 Y6 (End of Key Stage 2)   L=Level )


Reading    89% L4 and above       59% L5


Writing      90% L4 and above      38% L5


Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling (a new test)


                 91% L4 and above       66% L5


Maths       94% L4 and above       61% L5 and above    7% L6

Measures from KS1 to KS2


86% made 2 Levels progress in Reading


93% made 2 levels progress in Writing


90% made 2 Levels progress in Maths


87% of our Y6 children achieved L4 in combined Reading, Writing and Maths. The average for North Lincolnshire Local Authority schools was 70%.

Performance Tables

For information on our school's performance, based on KS2 results please visit and then type in 'Performance Tables'. This will give you information on our academy's performance to compare with other schools.

Another useful site that provides information on our school standards is